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Week 5, a good week - The Caneprints Connection [My People Filter] [My LJ Community Filter] [My Syndicated Feeds Filter]
May 9th, 2008
09:17 pm


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Week 5, a good week
I have to say that week five has been the best week yet since I started my new job. Not only did I need to look things up much less, but more significantly, I continued to make wonderful progress in the getting around department. I think overall, I definitely felt much less nervous and uptight about things in general. In fact, I seem to be getting my appetite back, what a bummer! The one thing I love is that I don't have to bring any work home, and my responsibilities stop when I punch out for the day. It does feel good to be part of a team. For instance, I think this week we are going to have a staff meeting, and I've been thinking how cool it will be to be in a meeting where the stuff actually applies to me and where I won't be the one taking the minutes.

I do continue to have some challenges. For one thing, I definitely do need to pick up my speed. I've been trying to think of things that are holding me up. The one big thing that has gotten in the way of progress is having to look up things so much. I am optimistic that I'm going to see progress in this area every day as I become more familiar with the new material. I have started putting in autotext information for frequently used sentences and phrases, which I think will help along the way. Another problem that I am having is that sometimes, I get really sleepy about 2 o'clock or so. This is often associated with being really hot. I did bring in a fan, but for some reason, I haven't used it. Of course, that's an easy problem to solve. We do get two 15-minute breaks during the day besides lunch, but I never allowed myself the luxury of taking breaks because my line counts were so low and I had so much trouble getting around that I was always afraid I would get lost and have to spend 15 minutes finding my way back. The girls are telling me all the time that I do need to start taking breaks more often, and I think they're right. Now that I'm not getting lost, I think I am going to start getting up more frequently for things like bathroom and ice machine breaks to help with the sleepiness problem. I don't really mind the 10-6:30 hours except that I've been having difficulty adjusting my sleep schedule. I mean, as I have written about many times in this journal, I've always had the circadian rhythm problems that the totally blind often have, but I know my alertness would be improved if I could get better sleep. I really don't know what to do about that problem. Benadryl does help, but I find that when I wake up, I feel really groggy and out of it. Maybe I could take half of a Benadryl? Sipping on the ice water that I get from the breakroom really does help, and I'm thinking that if I drink more water, I'll have to pea more, which will force me to get up more for breaks.

For the past couple days, I think I've had a little stomach bug, and right now, I don't feel very well. I have chills and I'm very tired. I think I'll hit the sack early tonight. Even with that being said, I feel good about things overall, and I'm celebrating the start of a well-deserved weekend break! My sister seems to be doing much better health-wise, even with the loss of her dog. I have this ominous feeling that from now on, with a big family and many of us getting older, it's just going to be one crisis after another, and somehow, we'll all just have to learn to live with that fact. I'm just hoping for a little happiness along the way to make it all more bearable. In fact, I don't even think much about happiness anymore. I'm really starting to think I'll be less disappointed overall if I can learn to be thankful for just plain and simple contentment. Well, the eyelids are getting heavy, so I'm going to sign off for now.

Current Mood: accomplished

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