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I should say first that although Ike wasn't exactly the cataclysm… - The Caneprints Connection [My People Filter] [My LJ Community Filter] [My Syndicated Feeds Filter]
September 18th, 2008
11:51 pm


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I should say first that although Ike wasn't exactly the cataclysm they said it would be, it was still quite damaging to Texas and Louisiana. It's interesting to me that, although I stayed up until about 4 in the morning to listen to the landfall, landfall coverage isn't really that interesting because it's too dangerous for anybody to be out covering it. You don't find out much about what really happened during the storm until a few days after landfall, when the survivors start telling stories.

I haven't been feeling so well lately. I had a stomach bug and felt just exhausted at work. I could barely keep my eyes open this week and I had quite a bad stomachache most of this week, but despite that, I have thankfully been able to push myself at work and have continued to be very productive. Despite the fact that the calendar says it's still summer, it sure seems like fall has definitely made an appearance here, with a cold snap that took me by surprise, or maybe I'm just running a fever? No actually, it really is chilly. Last night, I was so cold that I actually grabbed the winter blanket, but still couldn't get warm! Well actually, I did have my window open and should have shut it, but I was just too lazy to get up and close it. Still, though, it's not like me to get this cold, so I'm wondering if there's not something going on with my body. Right now, there are no hurricanes to get me all worked up, so I'm actually a little bored, but they say this is just a temporary lull and that the tropics will get cooking again soon. I have been using a program on my phone called Pocket Player. I really like it, although there are some things about it that I need to figure out. I am excited about fall because it is cooler and I can start cooking again. I was upset a while back because I thought I had lost the binder where I kept my recipes, but thankfully, I found them and I am getting so excited to start cooking again. Cooking is one of the activities that makes me feel very excited to be alive. I mean, you take all these seemingly unrelated ingredients, powders and liquids and oils, and you put them together in just such a way that you end up with a delightful cake or casserole or whatever. Just reading recipes gets me so darned excited! Well anyway, I'm tired and cold, but also happy because I have off tomorrow!

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