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Even though I'm actually feeling pretty happy with life these days,… - The Caneprints Connection [My People Filter] [My LJ Community Filter] [My Syndicated Feeds Filter]
September 22nd, 2008
03:58 am


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Even though I'm actually feeling pretty happy with life these days, unfortunately, I've developed quite a nasty cold. For the past couple days, I've felt like I was swallowing sharp glass and have been totally wiped out, although I don't seem to have much of a temperature. Yesterday, I did go to work and actually felt well enough in the morning, but by afternoon, I felt so horrible that I could hardly function. Being blind, I use my hearing a good bit for my sense of direction, but when I punched out and went to catch my bus yesterday afternoon, my ears were so congested that I actually missed a turn and got a little lost, which was really embarrassing. Despite that, with the extreme quiet of a Sunday at work, I did get an enormous amount done, so I guess it was worth going in, but when I came home, my sister told me I looked really pale, and I felt totally exhausted and could only eat a little bit of dinner before crashing early and falling asleep until about an hour ago. It's one of the conundrums of the common cold. You need sleep so much, but your sleep is fragmented by all the congestion and coughing. This morning, thankfully, my sore throat is almost gone, but I am now so congested that my head feels like it is going to blow off and my ears are still clogged. Even though I hate to take sick time because I haven't quite been at this position six months yet, I'm not sure if I'm going to go to work today. I haven't taken a sick day in over a year and a half at least, and when I checked my PTO bucket on the computer just now, I have 366 hours of paid time off, much of which I brought over from my last position with this company, so I certainly have enough time. I'm thinking that, with being on production quotas like I am now, I might be better off staying home than going in and potentially not making the line count. Man, I guess I wore myself down in the past few weeks by not getting enough sleep with all the excitement of my amateur meteorology hobby, installing programs and figuring out how to use my new internet-capable phone, and working like a dog at work. And it looks like the tropics are cooking up again, so I'll have more storms to follow in the next couple weeks or so. I do wonder if I'm going to get more illnesses this year with working in a hospital, although I'm not really exposed to patients much. My last position was with a clinic-type situation and I rarely got sick, so we'll see what happens.

Current Mood: sicksick

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