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The Caneprints Connection

The Many Faces Of Me

8 April 1968
Hi. I am Caneprints. The story behind the name Caneprints is that in the wintertime, sighted folks have told me that when I'm walking in the snow, the combination of my footprints and caneprints leaves strange patterns in the snow. I like the word Caneprints, so decided to use it as my identity on the net, as well as the username for my LJ. You will find that, except for a very few instances, I avoid using specific names of people and places to protect my true identity and the identity of other people in my life. I was born and raised in Delaware in the USA. I am 40 and work full-time as a medical transcriptionist. I am one of eight siblings, the second to the youngest. I prefer small group activities to big crowds and I am phobic about getting lost or being in crowded places. I am blind from birth from a condition called anophthalmia, so I have prosthetic eyes. I often have a hard time making decisions because I tend to see things from all sides and overanalyze things from every possible angle instead of just going with my gut feeling. I consider myself an agnostic but love contemporary Christian music. I also like top 40, new age and old school dance. I have an intense interest in extreme weather phenomena such as hurricanes, cyclones, tornados and typhoons. My goals are to figure out what my true life purpose is, have more fun, take life less seriously, become more physically fit, worry less and become less shy. I like aromatherapy and would buy every perfume in the store if I could. Technology is my number one passion, but I love cooking, writing and reading as well. I prefer nonfiction, but have recently begun to develop a strong interest in fiction, especially horror and sci-fi. I really enjoy talking with people about books. If you are intelligent and share similar interests, feel free to add me to your Friends list and I will probably add you back.